2020, year of commitments

23 Jan 2021

In 2020, the company continued to promote activities with a social impact and it activated new instruments for mitigating the effects of Covid.

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Plan for Social Impact Activities

This year JUARISTI continued implementing its social impact activities plan. The awareness raising and fund-raising campaign for AVAIM (Basque Association for Helping Abused Children) is very notable. JUARISTI designed and made personalised stuffed animals to distribute at the main trade fairs and industry events in exchange for donations, explaining the work the association does. More than €1,000 was collected.

Another significant initiative was the sponsorship agreement for the Iraurgi Basketball Club. Thanks to the sponsorship of their first team, the continuity of a more than 40-year project that has done significant work in integration and training in community sports is ensured. There are more than 200 children in its ranks and their edict is to teach values like teamwork, team spirit and habits for healthy living. JUARISTI provided economic and logistical support for some activities held during the year, like the children’s camp in July.

Exceptional Covid Control Measures

The exceptional situation brought about by the coronavirus health crisis has motivated the JUARISTI management to take the necessary measures to ensure the implementation of all the recommendations from the health authorities until the end of the pandemic is announced. Along those lines, the first step was to form a special committee to closely follow the evolution of the crisis and keep informed in real time about the health recommendations and to set up a protocol for evaluating the updates of the situation every day and immediately communicate any other exceptional measures to customers.

At the start of the pandemic it was decided to postpone all activities (events, training, on site interventions, etc.) that would involve groups of more than 10 people and could not be resolved using digital means. And customers were notified that all in person commercial visits and meetings would have to be arranged, accepted and planned previously by the customer and the JUARISTI special committee.

Remote working was recommended whenever possible (commercial, administrative, technical office departments, etc.). And a new shift system was created for production and assembly employees, who were supplied with the equipment recommended by the health organisations (surgical masks, hydro-alcohol gel, etc.), and daily inspections were done to ensure all hygiene measures were being followed.

Likewise, technical improvements were implemented to reinforce the tele-service and telephone support structure alongside monitoring and remote management systems to minimise the need for travel or in person activities. The purpose of all those measures was to reduce exposure to unnecessary risks while also ensuring maximum availability and effectiveness for the customer service systems.

Lastly, an extraordinary channel of communications was created with the international network of service partners and distributors in order to guarantee efficient coordination and guarantee optimal geographical coverage to counteract the limitations to international travel. 



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