Integral system for machine monitoring, self-diagnostics and predictive maintenance
Continuous image of machine health.


  • Automatic generation of predictive maintenance plans.
  • Reduce unscheduled stops.
  • Boost productivity by reducing downtime due to conflicting processes.
  • Increased machine life through better monitoring and maintenance.

The software records the different values of the built-in machine sensors (temperature sensors, accelerometers, etc.), as well as engine consumption, tool change times, pallet change times, etc. Once registered, the software performs an analysis of all these variables using its own algorithms and reaches conclusions for predictive maintenance plans.

Additionally, the software anticipates the automated testing (repetitive short duration tests) that gives a periodic picture of the machine’s working condition.

On the other hand, the software provides the end customer with information about machine availability, efficient machine utilisation, downtime, etc. This enables the end-user to optimise their processes and improve work flow on each of the machines.

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My JUARISTI combines all these functionalities in a single screen and allows comprehensive remote machine management.

The biggest challenge when it comes to offering innovative solutions is to combine them into a comprehensive, understandable and user-friendly package. At JUARISTI, we have been developing simple and easy-to-use software.

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