Hydrostatic Damping System

Hydrostatic Damping System
Reduced vibration and increased cutting capacity due to hydrostatic damping.


  • Reduced vibration/chatter level.
  • Increased machine cutting capacity.
  • Reduced costs due to longer tool life.
  • Improved surface finishing quality.

HDS is a system installed in the machine’s RAM that improves the cutting behaviour by significantly reducing the generated vibrations.

Based on the hydrostatic technology of large-scale machines with high cutting capacity, the system benefits from the oil’s viscous damping.  HDS is based on the throttling of the oil as it passes through a chamber, which extracts the vibratory energy from machining, damping the RAM and improving the machining. Since it is a viscous damping, the HDS allows the entire frequency range to be damped passively, without applying additional energy.

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Hydrostatic Damping System

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