Adaptive control

Adaptive control and anti-collision system
It adapts the machine's performance to current conditions, increasing the power in favourable situations and reducing it in adverse conditions.


  • Process optimisation and reduced cutting times.
  • Machine protection and overload prevention.
  • Easy-to-use: maximum permitted vibration is set and the machine acts accordingly.
  • Increased tool life ensuring optimum machining conditions.

The system is based on an easy-to-install triaxial accelerometer and a vibration management software that enables the machine’s feed to be modified according to the vibration level.

Machining is performed under optimum conditions through this system, taking advantage of the tool’s maximum feed under favourable conditions and reducing it under adverse conditions (material areas with greater hardness or excess).

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My JUARISTI combines all these functionalities in a single screen and allows comprehensive remote machine management.

The biggest challenge when it comes to offering innovative solutions is to combine them into a comprehensive, understandable and user-friendly package. At JUARISTI, we have been developing simple and easy-to-use software.

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