State-of-the-art solutions to manufacture parts for wind, hydro, thermal, solar, marine and nuclear power generation equipment
We have a wide range of options so that our machines can adapt to the needs of each customer in this demanding sector.
  • Our boring-milling machines are ideal for machining hubs for large wind mills. They achieve outstanding performance combined with our tilting tables with 60 and 100 t capacities.
  • Wind turbine manufacturers prefer our machines as the perfect solution for machining hubs, frames, speed multipliers and blade moulds.
  • In demanding jobs such as machining gearboxes, our machines’ thermosymmetric structure is instrumental in achieving very precise results.
  • Components for the hydro-electric sector: PELTON, FRANCIS, KAPLAN turbines, butterfly valves, sluice gates.
  • Components for the thermal energy sector: gas and steam turbines and boilers.
  • Components for the nuclear energy sector: heat exchangers, hydraulic pumps and valves.
  • Tidal and wave energy.

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