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New universal 5-axis milling head

New universal head developed exclusively by JUARISTI. This is a cutting-edge innovation that incorporates continuous rotation technology (with one vertical axis and another at 45º). It can work on 5 axes and achieves speeds of up to 8,000 RPM despite being very rigid. It allows continuous tool changes and has a direct measurement system for the rotation angle using a magnetic encoder.

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JUARISTI TX, a stellar CNC milling-boring center

One of JUARISTI's most outstanding solutions. High performance in large dimension format. Powerful chip removal and excellent finishes. Powerful and efficient thanks to the closed column-console design and four-sided guided RAM. Highly profitable and a long service life.

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JUARISTI Direct Service +

Making our customers feel that we are close by and reachable is important to us. Closeness requires flexibility and agility. Our philosophy means always being available to listen and make things easier.

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JUARISTI Worldwide

JUARISTI Worldwide Network

We have an international distributor network on all 5 continents. We provide a personalised service combining universal dedication with local service.