Generation of production plans and requirement calculations
It unifies the activity of all the production teams and facilitates their easy and straightforward management from the customer's integration systems (ERP).


  • Centralised management of tools, pallets, production orders and tools.
  • Production plans generation and automatic calculation of tool needs.
  • State-of-the-art part and tool inspection systems, adaptive control and machining measurements.
  • Status control of machines and auxiliary systems.
  • It includes assembly instructions, control sheets and quality deviations, if wanted.

The SUPERVISOR software automatically connects to the company’s ERP to receive manufacturing orders. Depending on production equipment’s availability, it generates a production plan and automatically calculates tool needs (warning if there are not enough tools), tools, pallets and pre and final inspections. In short, it organises and plans the machines to get the most out of them.

Thanks to this software, the customer can work unattended (without operator), using the most sophisticated systems for part inspection, tool breakage checks, implementation of adaptive control, machine measurements, and so on.

In an intuitive and visual way, you will be able to control the status of the machines and auxiliary systems, including assembly instructions, control sheets, quality deviations and obtain personalised reports of the machined parts and the manufacturing plan.

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My JUARISTI combines all these functionalities in a single screen and allows comprehensive remote machine management.

The biggest challenge when it comes to offering innovative solutions is to combine them into a comprehensive, understandable and user-friendly package. At JUARISTI, we have been developing simple and easy-to-use software.

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Generation of production plans and requirement calculations