Construction machinery

Powerful machining of construction and mining equipment
The construction and mining sector demand machines with high power, dynamics and rough cutting capacity.
  • Our milling and boring centres are ideally suited for machining parts for excavators, tractors, compactors, backhoe loaders, cement pumping machines for construction, harvesters, cranes, dumper trucks, tunnelling equipment, etc.
  • Planer type machining centres with APC for small and medium sized parts, with the maximum productivity, precision and automation.
  • Boring-milling machines with travelling column for large work pieces.
  • Special face to face machine solutions for simultaneous double-sided machining of parts.
  • Our series of travelling column boring machines and hydrostatic guiding deliver great roughing power for the mining industry.
  • This series is also ideal for machining extra large gears with the highest accuracy.

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