Quick Machine Verification

Instant correction of potential geometric machine errors
It enables the user to know the machine's real-time status to improve machining precision.


  • Automatic verification of the machine’s geometric condition.
  • 100 % guaranteed final product quality.
  • Reduces delivery time.
  • Increases productivity by up to 30 %.
  • Guarantees serial repeatability.

Allows the user to know the real-time status of the machine and correct possible positioning errors.

The system performs various measurements on the work volume using a linear pattern of spheres and then compares the results obtained with the machine’s own measurements to calculate positioning errors. This technology’s application will make it possible to achieve precision of around 0.03 mm in 25 m3 volumes, 0.05 mm in 50 m3 and 0.1 mm in 100 m3 volumes.

This breakthrough is particularly useful for machining medium and large sized parts and will ensure 100 % quality of the final product, reducing losses from defective products and the costs associated with machine downtimes.

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