ML Series

Floor type universal milling machine

Traveling column milling machine

The ML Series models are floor type machines resulting of a design concept based on Value Analysis and offer high dynamics and precision with a reasonable investment.

This floor type milling center features many customisation options, in addition to its high-performance chip removal and its high productivity thanks to the various automation systems it includes.

It can be configured with different milling and boring heads and tools, making it a very versatile, desirable option.

  • High performance in universal floor type milling machines.
  • Dual RAM guiding: linear and hydrostatic.
  • Flexible configuration with milling and lathe tables.
  • High dynamics and power and torque on spindle and motor torque.

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Heads and customization

Universal head (45º) - ACD2ACD
  • Automatic indexing 1ºx1º / 0.001ºx0.001º
  • Continuous rotation
  • Power 40 / 60 kW
  • Torque 1,400 / 2,850 Nm
  • Spindle rotation speed 6,000 / 8,000 min-1
  • Oil-air lubrication
  • Cooled spindle bearings
Universal head (45º) - ACD7ACD
  • High spindle power (60 kW) and torque (1,600 Nm)
  • Fast repositioning: 0-180° in 7 seconds
  • Spindle rotation speed 6,000 / 8,000 min-1
  • Interpolation torque axes A & C: 3,000 Nm
  • Clamping torque axes A & C: 20,000 Nm
Horizontal head
  • Power 40 kW
  • Spindle rotation speed 6,000 min-1
  • Oil-air lubrication
  • Cooled spindle bearings

Technical specifications

ML Series ML
X – Longitudinal column mm 4000 + N x 1000
Y – Vertical head mm 1500 + N x 500 …. 3000
Z –Cross RAM mm 1300
RAM – Head
RAM section mm 460 x 520
Fixed horizontal head mm D 200 x L 550
45º Universal Automatic Head 1ºx1º – 0,001ºx0,001º
Head power kW 40
Rotation speed min-1 6000
Torque Nm 1400
Number of series 2
Quick feeds
X, Y, Z m/min 40
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