Balance control

Table-top workpiece location processing
Reduced vibrations; safer machining.


  • Technology for turning operations.
  • Reduced vibrations; safer machining.
  • Increased table life through better balancing.
  • Reduced risk of bearing breakage as it safely stops the table if imbalances are detected.

This software detects and corrects imbalances generated on turning tables by uncentred work pieces or unbalanced masses.

The system consists of an accelerometer and a data acquisition card. The Software processes these signals and calculates the imbalance (position and magnitude). To do so, it runs an automatic test where the table rotates at a reduced speed. Once the imbalance has been detected, the user receives this information and is able to centre the workpiece or, if the workpiece itself is not balanced, add masses to minimise this imbalance.

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My JUARISTI combines all these functionalities in a single screen and allows comprehensive remote machine management.

The biggest challenge when it comes to offering innovative solutions is to combine them into a comprehensive, understandable and user-friendly package. At JUARISTI, we have been developing simple and easy-to-use software.

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Table-top workpiece location processing

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