GPS technology: detection of the table centre through geopositioning
Allows for greater machine precision, resulting in a drastic improvement in the handling of complex workpieces.


  • Increased precision in parts requiring high table rotation accuracy (gearboxes, motor blocks, etc.).
  • Time savings in searching for the table centre.
  • Automatic cycle that can be used by any non-expert operator.
  • Easy part programming with many table rotation phases.

Thanks to the built-in JUARISTI software in the CNC, the machine searches and readjusts the table centre in 3 spatial directions. This operation can be carried out with the workpiece tied to the table, thus avoiding the time and precision loss involved in removing and placing the workpiece again.

Besides this function, the GPS performs automatic point zero compensation with table rotation, facilitating programming.

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My JUARISTI combines all these functionalities in a single screen and allows comprehensive remote machine management.

The biggest challenge when it comes to offering innovative solutions is to combine them into a comprehensive, understandable and user-friendly package. At JUARISTI, we have been developing simple and easy-to-use software.

GPS technology: detection of the table centre through geopositioning

Table-top workpiece location processing

Adaptive control and anti-collision system

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