CSIC: a hydrostatic boring machine for manufacturing large ships in China

10 May 2021

theunstoppable2 CSIC: a hydrostatic boring machine for manufacturing large ships in China

JUARISTI MP6-RAM_ China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation

JUARISTI continued its Chinese expansion adding new items in demanding industries. The most recent project in the country is a large hydrostatic boring machine for a publicly owned shipbuilding conglomerate. The machine will be used for manufacturing turbo compressors and other drive elements.

3066778 1 CSIC: a hydrostatic boring machine for manufacturing large ships in China

China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation is a large publicly owned civilian and military shipbuilding conglomerate in north eastern China. It includes more than 96 companies specialised in manufacturing various components for ships and it employs more than 300,000 people. One of the companies is Chongqing Jianglin Shipbuilding Industry Co. LTd. which specialises in manufacturing turbo compressors, high speed centrifugal compressors and other critical engine components.

The management of the Chinese company wanted to incorporate a new machine into their production center, and they looked into several high-end European manufacturers. They attended the CIMT trade show, which is a large exhibition of machine tool manufacturers, and they visited the JUARISTI stand to present their needs. They had heard about the high quality of JUARISTI products and they knew about some references in their own country.

They explained to the JUARISTI managers that they were looking for a boring machine for machining the turbo compressors for their diesel engines that are used for propulsion or generating energy and have an output power up to 20,000 kW. Because of their complexity, the pieces are machined using a CAD/CAM processor and they require tolerances less than 0.02-0.03 mm.

A Personalised Solution for Maximum Productivity

Initially, the engineers from the Chinese company thought about machining the pieces with two kinds of machines, a boring machine and a milling center. However, the JUARISTI technicians designed a production schema where using a special milling head with automatic head change was sufficient to complete the machining of the entire part. That solution provided a significant reduction in the investment required and improved productivity ratios. On the other hand, the JUARISTI proposal opted for hydrostatic technology because of the high degree of precision required and the machining demands being faced. The customer finally chose the solution put forth by JUARISTI because of the numerous advantages it offered.

A Maximum Precision Hydrostatic Boring Machine

The MP-RAM is the most exclusive solution from JUARISTI. All the structural components are made of grey nodular cast iron and all the axes are hydrostatic on large tempered and ground guides.

Hydrostatic guiding, with a continuous film of oil that prevents contact between the guideway and the carriage, reduces the friction coefficient and allows extraordinarily smooth movements and achieves extremely high precision in very heavy machines.

The movement of the column is done using a rack and pinion system with two pinions and two synchronised motors in a master-slave set-up that guarantees there is no backlash in the inversion. Furthermore, the vertical run has a static ball screw with rotary nut that helps achieve very fast movement.

JUARISTI has more than 40 years of experience developing this kind of hydrostatic technology solution, which is currently used by the majority of heavy machinery manufacturers.

JUARISTI Opens a New Service Hub in China

The project for CSIC is one of many recently done in China JUARISTI China was created in November 2010 Growth in the domestic market has increased since then and the company currently has more than thirty customers in the country. Among the customers in the Chinese market there are major producers in the wind energy sector, capital goods the military and defence industry and shipbuilding.

In response to the growth forecasts, JUARISTI China expanded its commercial offices in 2016 and set up operations in a significant technology park in Shanghai. In May 2020, the JUARISTI China service center was inaugurated in Wuxi, a city near Shanghai, in order to serve its customers quickly and effectively. It currently has five technicians working there exclusively on providing technical services, providing repairs, doing checks and retrofitting machines belonging to the company’s customers.



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