The Brazilian Navy installs a modern JUARISTI boring milling machine for manufacturing submarines

23 Jun 2017

After a thoroughly and detailed search with its French technological partner DCNS, the Brazilian group ODEBRECHT has opted for a JUARISTI boring milling machine, MX9RAM model, for the machining of key components of the future submarines that will build The Brazilian Navy in the new shipyard of Itaguaí.

Boring milling machine for the machining of the key components of the submarines

The unbeatable specs of this large machining center, together with its reliability and high performance, have been the key elements for JUARISTI to be selected from among the most recognized international manufacturers as supplier of this equipment that has a stroke of X=8000 Y=3000 Z=1900 W=1000, 180 mm boring bar and automatic milling head, together with a huge rotary table of 5000 x 6000 mm and capacity for 100,000 kg, which allows 5-sided machining in a single setup in pieces of up to 8000 x 5000 mm.

The MX9RAM model is the superior one within the linear guided MX series with thermosymmetric structure being able to reach a vertical course of Y=7000 mm.

The main spindle reaches a maximum power of 94 kW and during the tests with the customer it was found that, thanks to the robustness and symmetry of the structure in combination with the generous guidance (4 vertical guides + 4 guides in RAM), this power was reached even in the most unfavorable conditions, with the RAM in its furthest position Z=1900.

The automatic universal head allows indexing every 0.001° in the 2 planes, being able to reach any position in the space and is automatically loaded from the pick-up magazine.

The supplied model is also equipped with a part probe and a laser tool control probe, as well as MQL oil mist lubrication system, 40 tool magazine, spindle support and chip conveyor, turning it into a Machining center of extraordinary capacity and dimensions.



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