JUARISTI. Milling. Boring. The Experts.

The company was founded in 1941. Since its creation, JUARISTI has delivered more than 6,000 machines to the 5 continents and its history is filled with multiple innovations and technological advances.

JUARISTI has introduced some of the most groundbreaking milling and boring machine configurations to the market, as well as disruptive technologies that have laid the foundation for other industry producers. In this respect, it is worth noting the first NC machine produced in Spain (1974), the first boring and milling centre with a central head (1986), as well as the first hydrostatic travelling column boring machine with RAM (1996).

The company’s success has been backed by hard work and a dedication to quality, our open customer relationships and a strong technological capacity. For decades, JUARISTI has maintained a strict policy of transparency and fulfilment of its commitments to suppliers, employees, public entities, financial institutions and customers all over the world. Plus, our solutions are renowned for their precision, robustness and reliability.

  • 1940-1960

    • 1941 Founding of the Company.
    • 1943 Development of the first Boring Machine.

  • 1960-1970

    • 1966 Large-scale Hydrostatic Boring Machine.

  • 1970-1980

    • 1974 First NC Boring-Milling Machine.

  • 1980-1990

    • 1981 Manufacture of Bridge Milling Machine.
    • 1986 First Boring and Milling Centre with TS 1 Central Head.
    • 1989 First NC Boring-Milling Machine with RAM.

  • 1990-2000

    • 1992 TS 5 Boring and Milling Centre with Large Pallet Changer.
    • 1996 MP 9 RAM model Moving Column Milling Centre.
    • 1999 Rotary Table of 100 Tn.

  • 2000-Present

    • 2000 New concept MX/MX-RAM Moving Column Milling/Boring Machine.
    • 2002 Construction of a new 10,000 m2 plant.
    • 2003 High-speed, multifunction TX series machining centres: Horizontal, Universal, 5 axes.
    • 2006 Multifunction TX boring-milling centre with pallets, pick-up and 5 different heads.
    • 2009 New Milling-turning Centre.
    • 2014 New MP10 RAM Y=8000 Hydrostatic boring machine with Tilting rotary table.