New generation of the supervisor software for total production management

26 Jun 2017

After more than 10 years since the first development, Juaristi launches the third generation of Supervisor Software for a comprehensive production management “SUPERVISOR”. This last software generation allows the integration of several manufacturing equipments and the direct communication with the company’s ERP. In addition, the graphical interface has been improved for an intuitive and easy-to-use application.

Industry 4.0

In complex FMS systems with multiple machines and pallets, as well as in stand-alone machines, the new SUPERVISOR v3 Software, enables the centralized management of tools, pallets, production orders, fixtures and top-tooling as well as the CNC programs.

The SUPERVISOR automatically connects with the company’s ERP to receive the manufacturing orders. Based on the production equipment available, the Software generates the manufacturing plan and calculates the required tools (and warns in case of not enough), fixtures, pallets and the previous and final inspections to be done. In short, it organizes and plans the machines to get the most out of them.

Thanks to this Software, the customer will be able to work in unattended mode (without operator), using the most advanced Part inspection systems, Tool breakage checks, Adaptive control software, final part measurements in machine, etc.

In a very intuitive and visual way, you will be able to control the state of machines and auxiliary systems, include assembly instructions, control sheets, quality deviations and obtain customized reports of the machined parts and the manufacturing plan.

In short, the new SUPERVISOR Software, allows to obtain the maximum performance of the JUARISTI machines, on the top of the Industry 4.0.



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