My JUARISTI, a new concept of machine intelligence presented at BIEMH 2018

28 May 2018

JUARISTI, in addition to its extensive catalog of milling-boring machines, multiprocess machining centers and their latest technologies, has shown its CAST strategy (Connectivity, Automation, Service and Technology), which allows to keep a unique relationship with their customers.

JUARISTI has presented its new concept of machine intelligence through the software “My JUARISTI” during the last edition of BIEMH. A system that combines the latest technologies developed in the company’s Innovation department to allow the user the productive management of resources and predictive maintenance of machines. In addition, it ensures the adaptability of the tools to the demands of each piece to achieve the best results.

‘My JUARISTI’ shows a wide range of technological solutions in a single intuitive interface. The first one is the software SUPERVISOR, which unifies the activity of all productive means and facilitates their direct and easy management from the customer’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This solution is accompanied by OSASUN, software designed to ensure proper maintenance. OSASUN allows monitoring, self-diagnosis and predictive maintenance of the machines.

Adaptive control is another of the systems included in ‘My JUARISTI’. It adapts the performance of the machine to the existing conditions, increasing the power in favorable situations and reducing it in adverse conditions. In addition, it monitors and corrects possible imbalances in turning operations through advanced technology sensors. Finally, the implementation of GPS technology improves precision in the machines, especially in the treatment of complex pieces. ‘My JUARISTI’ includes a set of systems aimed at improving the productivity of the machines and, consequently, the profitability for the customer.

In addition to the functionalities included in ‘My JUARISTI’, the company has shown some of the technological solutions recently developed that result in even greater precision and reliability. Among them, the Quick Machine Verification stands out. In high precision machining jobs, it is important to ensure that there is no deviation in the machine before each job. However, the procedures that currently exist to carry out this task are slow and generate non-productive times. JUARISTI has developed a solution that will turn this task into an automated procedure that will only require 15 minutes and very few means, which will improve profitability. Its results will be totally reliable.

The HDS system of JUARISTI was also one of the technologies that the company highlighted. The hydrostatic guidance achieves a better precision of cutting and a perfect performance. This technology, based on the properties of oil damping, drastically reduces the level of vibrations generated during cutting works, extending the lifetime of the tools. Until now, it was only applicable on large machines, but the HDS system incorporates many of its benefits in more compact machines produced by JUARISTI, such as the mobile column milling machine ML3 and the fixed bed milling machine BL1.

The JUARISTI space, located in Hall 01, Stand C15, also featured the innovative Multi-function center TH3. This machine, designed with focus on versatility,  allows a wide range of machining: milling, boring, turning and high precision machining on large pieces. It is characterized by a high rigidity and high precision due to its thermosymmetric structure.

The TH3 center allows to work pieces up to 20 tons and stands out for its high dynamics (40m/min). In addition, it is compatible with the latest generation tools, has high roughing capacity and supports vertical or horizontal heads depending on the needs.

In addition, JUARISTI exhibited the qualities of its extensive catalog of milling-boring machines and multifunction centers. All its models are designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding sectors, such as aeronautics, energy, naval, wind power…

One of the products that stands out is the premium MP series. They are boring machines with hydrostatic guidance, the most suitable technology for large-scale and high-precision works. The models of this series achieve extremely smooth movements thanks to the hydrostatic technology, which uses the oil’s damping capacity to drastically reduce vibrations and achieve optimum performance.

Strategy at the service of the client

JUARISTI introduced its C.A.S.T. strategy (Connectivity, Automation, Service and Technology), a multidimensional concept that influences its relationship with customers. It is an integral package that meets all needs of customers with the highest level of versatility, improves companies through high-level services and builds connected machines that cooperate efficiently and intelligently.

BIEMH was also the occasion to present JUARISTI’s renewed and original corporate image. This incorporates the concept of the wolf to emphasize its familiar and flexible character and the robustness and intelligence of its solutions.

JUARISTI, experts in the manufacturing of milling and boring centers, has been a benchmark in the machine tool industry for more than 75 years. Its headquarters are located in Azkoitia (Spain) and its product catalog covers all configurations of milling and boring machines and multiprocess centers.



At JUARISTI, we are experts in providing premium machining solutions. Our catalogue comprises a wide range of milling machine, boring machine and multi-function centre configurations. We stand out for the sturdiness, reliability and precision of our products, our close cooperation with the customer in turnkey projects and our ability to develop added-value innovations to compete globally.