JUARISTI steps up its efforts in Germany with the appointment of Volker Hiersekorn as new commercial director

6 Jun 2019

  • The company opened a support office in Germany last September.
  • At present, Juaristi has about sixty customers in the country and plans to considerably increase the figure in the coming months.

JUARISTI, a leading company manufacturer of milling and boring machines, continues taking steps to strengthen its presence in the German market, where it opened a new delegation to provide advisory and direct support to its German customers last September, with the designation of Volker Hiersekorn as the new commercial director.

Hiersekorn has a long career in the sector. Trained as industrial mechanic and experienced in the assembly and testing of machine tools, he has provided technical service for the maintenance of equipment and worked as a salesman for customers in the automotive sector, with Audi and Mercedes being its main buyers. Its network of contacts spans Germany, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

The main functions of the department headed by Hiersekorn are to organize a clear commercial structure to give service to the entire Germany and neighboring countries, to manage the relationship with the current users and to deliver the machinery and technology solutions directly to the final customer. “Our main mission is to be closer to the client and better understand their needs in order to offer personalized leader technology,” explains Hiersekorn.

Hiersekorn believes that “the quality of JUARISTI’s customized solutions is more than proved and current users are more than satisfied”, so the challenge now is to increase brand awareness. “We are going to work to bring our products technologies, services and facilities closer to the people”, summarizes the commercial director.

One of his challenges will be to organize open days to bring people closer to the new delegation opened last September in Erkelenz (next to Düsseldorf, in the west of the country). This headquarters is added to the commercial office of Göppingen, in the south, and will serve as the basis for the expansion plans of the company in the country.

At present, JUARISTI has about sixty German customers who already have its machines, but Hiersekorn’s forecast is that “the number will increase exponentially in a short time.” Currently, the goal is to achieve a sales volume of 10 million euros in 2020.



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