JUARISTI MX9 Floor Type Milling Machine shows an excellent cutting capacity

27 Jun 2017

The JUARISTI MX9 floor type milling machine has demonstrated a great cutting capacity even in the most demanding conditions. Thanks to the optimized Box-in-Box design (central headstock with symmetric column) and the newest transmission technologies, the material removal rate is kept in a high level even with the RAM completely extended, Z=2500mm stroke.

High precision and super cutting capacity

The results of the several cutting tests with extended RAM Z=2500 (RAM completely out) are the following:

  • Face milling with milling head in vertical and horizontal position: RAM Z=2500

Material: C45K / ST52 / F1140
Cutter: Face mill Ø125 R220.29-0125-10.5 M Seco
ap= 3mm ae=90 mm S600 rpm F3000 mm/min
Material removal rate = 810 cm3/min

  • Drilling in vertical and horizontal position: RAM Z=2500

Material: C45K / ST52 / F1140
Cutter: Drill Ø45 SD502-45-90-40R7 Seco
S1110 rpm  F127 mm/min
Material removal rate = 205 cm3/min

The machine is stable and without vibrations even in these extreme conditions, and therefore high productivity is achieved with a really low tool cost. The JUARISTI MX series combines high precision and superb cutting capacity, indispensable elements for any successful machining.



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