JUARISTI, a new IK4-TEKNIKER collaborator organisation

23 Oct 2017

JUARISTI, has been incorporated as a collaborating entity of the IK4-TEKNIKER technological center, following the recent signing of an agreement between both entities. Currently, the company and the technology center collaborate in technological research projects framed in the fields of milling machines and large boring machines.

JUARISTI, has joined forces with the IK4-TEKNIKER technology centre as a collaborator organisation subsequent to signing an agreement for this purpose.

The signing took place on October 4th at the company´s headquarters in Azkoitia during a ceremony attended by the managing directors of Juaristi and IK4-TEKNIKER, Mr Asier Gogorza and Mr Alejandro Bengoa, respectively.

JUARISTI is a benchmark organisation in the field of machine tool design and is firmly committted to innovation. Nowadays, both players are collaborating in technological research projects associated with medium/large milling and boring machines.

In this regard, IK4-TEKNIKER is contributing expertise in a number of areas that Juaristi considers strategic such as mechanical design, dynamic behaviour, drive and control systems, metrology and maintenance, among others.

This new agreement will enable the technology centre and the company to pursue the objective of strengthening ties dating back more than 20 years. To this end, IK4-TEKNIKER will actively support Juaristi in defining its strategic R&D&I plan by playing the dual role of an expert agent and technical consultant.

JUARISTI, on the other hand, will benefit from the programme set up by IK4-TEKNIKER for its collaborator organisations.

The main objectives of the IK4-TEKNIKER programme are focused on aligning technological strategies, furthering collaborative projects and accessing anticipated and customised information on new technologies and trends.

JUARISTI will also be assisted by a so-called KAM, a Key Account Manager, responsible for managing the relationship between his organisation and the Basque technology centre to act as a single point of contact to facilitate proceedings and establish a smooth relationship between both organisations.

JUARISTI will be given preferential access to in-house facilities and services as a support to their projects such as the assembly workshop and ultra-precision room, the white room, the bunker, the auditorium, the boardroom and meeting rooms or even the lobby itself where events can be staged.

After the incorporation of JUARISTI, there are now 25 collaborator organisations in the group, namely, Aernova Aerospace, Alfa Lan, Doimak, Egile Corporation, Etxe Tar, Fagor Automation, Siemens Gamesa, Goialde, Goizper, Goratu, Ibermática, Jaureguizar, Kutxabank, Lazpiur, Maser, Nivac, Ojmar, Pasaban, Zigor, Zayer, iLine microsystems, Maier, Ulma Handling and ONA.



At JUARISTI, we are experts in providing premium machining solutions. Our catalogue comprises a wide range of milling machine, boring machine and multi-function centre configurations. We stand out for the sturdiness, reliability and precision of our products, our close cooperation with the customer in turnkey projects and our ability to develop added-value innovations to compete globally.