Discover the new range of ACD7 and ACD8 universal heads

5-axis machining with unrivalled quality and precision

25 Sep 2019

JUARISTI heads are renowned in the market thanks to their robustness and high performance. Now our technical department is making waves again with two 5-axis universal head models that will enable high precision milling, turning and boring while minimising the tool changing time.

The new ACD7 is a universal head model with double continuous rotating axes that enables 5-axis machining. It achieves the most precise results ensuring high productivity for its users.

  • High spindle power (60 kW) and torque (1,600 Nm).
  • Fast repositioning: 0-180° in 7 seconds.
  • Rotation speed up to 8,000 min-1.
  • Interpolation torque axes A & C: 3,000 Nm.
  • Clamping torque axes A & C: 20,000 Nm.
universal milling heads Discover the new range of ACD7 and ACD8 universal heads

JUARISTI ACD8: unleash the full power of multitasking

The new ACD8 is a development that incorporates all the technology from the ACD7 and also enables turning operations with a special accessory.

  • Continuous 45 º rotating axis with double pinion system.
  • Spindle speed up to 8,000 min-1.
  • Automatic changing of the turning accessory.
  • Enables demanding turning operations thanks to its high robustness.
turning head milling boring machines Discover the new range of ACD7 and ACD8 universal heads



At JUARISTI, we are experts in providing premium machining solutions. Our catalogue comprises a wide range of milling machine, boring machine and multi-function centre configurations. We stand out for the sturdiness, reliability and precision of our products, our close cooperation with the customer in turnkey projects and our ability to develop added-value innovations to compete globally.