#theunstoppable: MX5 Floor type milling-boring center for Voith Hydro

6 Apr 2021

#theunstoppable brings you our floor type milling-boring center JUARISTI MX5, delivered last week to Voith Hydro

This week we introduce our latest mobile column RAM-type milling center, delivered to Voith Hydro for its Indian facilities in Vadodara.

The portfolio of the solutions manufactured by Voith Hydro includes all components for large and small hydropower plants as well as for pumped storage power plants, from generators, turbines, pumps and automation systems to spare parts.

Rigidity, stability and precision

The solution delivered is completely customized to take on the production needs of Voith Hydro. It is a mobile column milling center with a thermo-symmetric column design and all the structural elements are made of cast iron.

The box-in-box configuration achieves high thermal stability and provides maximum precision and rigidity as well as a very significant increase in the life span of the cutting tools.

Leading technologies for the utmost precision

The machine has a long RAM travel (1,500 mm), so it is possible to reach hard to access areas. To ensure maximum precision, it includes the in-house RAM Precision Technology.

It is a double hydro-mechanic real-time compensation system for the center of gravity of the RAM-head assembly and electronic compensation.

Perfect for machining large volume pieces

The MX5 provides remarkable feed rate for this kind of machine (up to 35 m/min) and numerous benefits for machining large pieces. Of note are the longitudinal travel of 10,000 mm and vertical travel of 3,000 mm, with very good performance at greater heights.

To make working more comfortable, the operator platform has three independent movements, and its design puts an emphasis on ergonomics and provides the operator with a direct line of sight.

Great multitasking features

One of the main things that sets this machine apart is its multifunctionality. It has two different rotary tables with hydrostatic rotation and load capacity up to 20 and 60 t respectively. Both tables have a V travel of 1,500 mm.

In addition, this MX5 includes four different heads and an Automatic Attachment Changer (AAC) to ensure utmost multifunctionality.

universal #theunstoppable: MX5 Floor type milling-boring center for Voith Hydro

Universal head

  • Automatic indexing 0,001º x 0,001º
  • Spindle power: 40 – 60 kW
  • Spindle speed: 6,000 min-1
vertical 2 #theunstoppable: MX5 Floor type milling-boring center for Voith Hydro

Vertical head

  • Automatic indexing 1ºx1º
  • Spindle power: 30 – 60 kW
  • Spindle torque: 1,000 – 2,750 Nm

horizontal 2 #theunstoppable: MX5 Floor type milling-boring center for Voith Hydro

Horizontal head

  • Power: 40 kW
  • Maximum torque: 1,400 Nm
  • Maximum speed: 5,000 min-1
dandrea 2 #theunstoppable: MX5 Floor type milling-boring center for Voith Hydro

D’Andrea facing head

  • Head diameter: 630 mm
  • Maximum facing diameter: 1,250 mm
  • Maximum rotation speed: 250 min-1

Automation solutions

Another great advantage of this solution is the automation options included. The machine features an automatic head changer (AAC) with store capacity for 4 attachments.

In addition, an automatic tool changer (ATC) with support for up to 60 tools and the capability to change in both vertical and horizontal modes.

It also includes an ATC area platform for safe tool loading and unloading operations and BALLUFF system for tool management with second control panel for visualizing the tool information in an easy way.



At JUARISTI, we are experts in providing premium machining solutions. Our catalogue comprises a wide range of milling machine, boring machine and multi-function centre configurations. We stand out for the sturdiness, reliability and precision of our products, our close cooperation with the customer in turnkey projects and our ability to develop added-value innovations to compete globally.