JUARISTI looking towards the future: Move, Perform, Transform

12 Jan 2022

Project Future Lift Off: The strategic plan that will make JUARISTI an industry leader.

JUARISTI is growing, but it wants more. The portfolio of orders last year broke records. The company has enabled two new plants to handle the high number of machines in planning, with a forecast that the demand for machines will remain high. However, sustaining growth requires evolving to increase the company’s response capacity in the long term. The direction is clear. Structures must be optimised, organisation and production processes must be improved and strategic areas must be evolved to adapt them to new market demands. The executive committee has designed a new integral strategy that deals with areas of activity and high priority action in all key areas.

Integral Production

In the next few years, JUARISTI will expand the scope of its associations and it will sign agreements to strengthen its integral production philosophy, with which it will guarantee that all structural components, tables, heads and automation systems are manufactured and assembled by the company itself. Reinforcing integral production capacity will help deliver solutions with the highest guarantees of machine reliability, precision and availability.  In parallel, JUARISTI will deepen its cooperation with a manufacturer that is a leader in automation systems who it has collaborated closely with for nearly a decade. Improving synergies between both companies will increase quality checks through the entire value chain and ensure that all automation systems manufactured in the Group are designed specifically for better integration with the machines.


The company is currently immersed in a deep process of transformation to digitalise all its production processes, achieve maximum traceability in every project and streamline collaboration between departments with technology. The end goal is to reduce delivery times and improve the efficiency of processes to obtain a greater return on investment. Among the projects already under way are the renewal of the management, planning and customer relationship systems and the creation of new digital platforms for articulating the commercial network more efficiently.

Industry 4.0

In recent years, JUARISTI machinery has included 4.0 technologies and they have developed into important assets for the smart factories of the company’s customers by providing greater adaptability to production needs and processes. In coming years, development of the My JUARISTI software will continue with the goal of consolidating it as a flagship of digitalisation in the machine tool industry.

Furthermore, digitalisation will expand to all areas of the customer experience. One clear example is the project, which is already under way, for designing an intuitive and complete platform for providing customers with all the information, personalisation options and accessories available, alongside other characteristics, for every JUARISTI solution. Likewise, JUARISTI is digitalising the services area to give more autonomy to its customers’ maintenance operators and technicians through advanced remote support and virtual reality systems. 

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A Close Relationships with Customers

The company has recently done extensive work to improve channels of communication and platforms for interacting with customers with the goal of keeping them informed in real time about everything that concerns their machines. The JUARISTI brand is already consolidated as a promise of trustworthiness and reliability. And, in coming years, the company plans to keep developing projects and incorporating new communications protocols into the most significant milestones of its production process that show its commitment to transparency.

High Quality and Reliability

JUARISTI machines are acknowledged on the market for their robustness and reliability. They are the outcome of optimised designs and using the highest quality materials for all the structural components. Its optimised designs, in addition to the vast knowledge of its professional team in hydrostatic and linear guiding, are a promise of reliability and good performance for its customers. Those attributes are essential at JUARISTI, where a lot of work is done to ensure that all product innovations and process modifications are in line with those essential aspects. The new developments projected for the next few years, like the high-precision ACCU-T grinding machine and the new machine self-diagnostics software, strive to keep increasing the overall precision of the machines.


In recent months, production and strategic development management has designed new protocols for improving efficiency in all divisions. Those measures include optimising the work force, cutting costs, setting upper limits for investments and digitalising processes at JUARISTI. A significant investment has recently been made in the new advanced manufacturing center that, among many other benefits, makes it possible to simplify designs and processes. In parallel, other projects have been started, like creating the Production Processes Improvement Group that consists of JUARISTI engineers and a few highly trusted collaborators with the goal of simplifying processes and shortening delivery times. In the next few years, the company foresees significant investments in facilities and new developments, in addition to investments in continuous improvement.

Growth in Strategic Markets

The commercial managers at JUARISTI believe the company still has a wide margin for growth in demanding industrial markets that require high performance capital goods. Those include industries where JUARISTI solutions are especially highly valued like the aerospace, defence, shipbuilding and rail sectors.

Markets like Germany, France and Italy, as well as other leading industrial regions in Asia, show good projections for the future. For that reason, the international structure of JUARISTI is being reinforced in both the commercial and services areas, with the goal of obtaining good geographic coverage of high priority markets and be closer to its customers.

New Strategic Alliances

International growth requires creating new alliances with leading companies in target markets. In recent years, partnerships with well-respected companies in strategic countries like France, Portugal, Italy and Germany have been initiated. In the area of innovation, new agreements with important local technology centers and companies have also been signed by JUARISTI and its main subsidiaries. The commercial managers for every country are working on strategic and action plans that include a powerful network of partners that are highly specialised and experienced in their fields.

A New Cultural Model

The organisational model of all the leading companies is evolving to promote the benefits of connectivity and digitalisation. At the same time, they must confront new challenges because customer expectations and work environments are changing. Employees are also changing. They are demanding more freedom of choice than previous generations and more opportunities to put their ideas into practice in a flexible work environment. JUARISTI is sensitive to these transformations and it is working on evolving its company culture towards a model with decentralised teams and where cooperation is at the fore. Company management is also overhauling the personnel policy, rationalising processes and defining new working methods. All those measures are seeking to achieve the goal of making JUARISTI a more rapid and agile organisation and improve the satisfaction of all parties involved in its business activities.

Social Responsibility

JUARISTI partners with society and political representatives on creating sustainable industrial ecosystems. In the last year, JUARISTI has been included on the list of signers of the United Nations Compact. That implies actively working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and periodically reporting progress in various areas of the Compact, which includes protecting human rights, eradicating discriminatory practices, protecting the environment and fighting business corruption, among other things.

The medium term strategy includes new projects to keep finding areas for improvement in the field of sustainability and taking on new and more ambitious commitments.



At JUARISTI, we are experts in providing premium machining solutions. Our catalogue comprises a wide range of milling machine, boring machine and multi-function centre configurations. We stand out for the sturdiness, reliability and precision of our products, our close cooperation with the customer in turnkey projects and our ability to develop added-value innovations to compete globally.