Tradition and progress, the answers to excellence

Our spirit is the same today as that, which led the founders of our company in the genesis of the industrial revolution. Engineers and designers work with the same artisanal attitude, careful in every detail with a single objective: to build the best machine tools to provide the maximum benefit to our customers.

We are indebted to our tradition and committed to the progress inspired by the attributes that have made JUARISTI machines famous and that bear our insignia, the wolf. A noble animal that adapts perfectly to its environment and is characterised by its physical strength, flexibility, loyalty, ability to work in teams, instinct, and intelligence.

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Leading trends

Shaping trends in the machining sector. Tool machines must be reinvented to offer increasingly flexible configurations and services that incorporate digital, streamlined, automated solutions.

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Driving digitalisation

Unleashing digital transformation. Generating, analysing and applying Big Data intelligence: we are integrating technologies into our machines so that they can communicate with their environment and collect performance data, all for later use with open innovative criteria to improve their performance and the user experience.

5 axis universal boring milling head Innovation


Incorporating new technologies.


Fostering sustainability

Being environmentally friendly, by improving the efficiency of our products and offering solutions to the renewable energy sector. We offer efficient solutions and products for the renewable energy sector.