JUARISTI: Join the next level

At JUARISTI, we are experts in providing premium solutions for machining operations.

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    95 percent of our revenue is export based, which is evidence of our global presence.

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    + 40 countries

    Where we do business and provide service.

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    + 100

    People on our team at the Azkoitia headquarters and in the international delegations.

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    + 6,000 machines

    JUARISTI products have been delivered all over the world, bringing value to our customers since 1941.

Our catalogue carries a wide range of configurations for milling machines, boring machines and multifunction turning centres.

We pride ourselves on the robustness, reliability and precision of our products, on our close customer cooperation from the buying phase consultation to our after-sales service, and on our development of innovations that set us apart to compete globally.

For more than 75 years, we have led the way in innovation in our sector and provided solutions to customers in the most demanding industries.

Informational materials

Download informational materials and graphic resources showing JUARISTI’s business activity.

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Corporate leaflet

A leaflet describing JUARISTI’s business activity, strategy, product catalogue and international network with an extensive presence in countries such as Germany, France, Italy, India and China.


Corporate brochure

A comprehensive catalogue with the most relevant information on JUARISTI’s products and services, its customer relationships and value proposition.

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The “Next” magazine

A yearly magazine with articles and news about our success stories, recent investments and developments, CSR actions and everything to do with our corporate life.

The Next N.1
The Next N.2

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Summary presentation

A presentation with the most noteworthy data regarding JUARISTI’s business activity. Economic data, organisation chart, catalogue abstract, etc.

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Photographs and images

Access the gallery of free images, with photographs of JUARISTI machines and accessories, facilities and executive board members.