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Precision Parts Centre

High-precision parts workshop

Precision Parts Centre

Accuracy Cube

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Machining of critical parts

At JUARISTI, we use the combined skills of our designers and production and quality engineers to reinvent the most basic production principles. In this space, we can make the most of our high-performance TH3 Jig Borer and our two top-of-the-range grinding machines. This equipment guarantees perfect finishes on all of our customers’ critical product components, resulting in enhanced accuracy and reliability.

Machining Workshop


Machining of precision parts with guaranteed quality control. This center is designed to guarantee highly dynamic properties, as well as maximum stability and durability, with 40 m/min rapid feeds and 3 m/s² acceleration on the X-Y-Z axes. The TH has a symmetrical architecture with a column-centred head: 4 vertical guides (2 front + 2 rear) guarantee perfect thermal and mechanical behaviour and all the structural elements are made of cast iron.

High-precision grinding machines

The Precision Centre has two grinding machines with a cross sectional movement configuration to optimise machine space. These machines are designed to machine up to 15 tonne, 10,000 mm long components.

Work piece length: up to 10,000 mm

 Workpiece ø: up to 1,600 mm

Grinding ø: up to 1,250 mm

  1. Machining of precision parts with quality control.
  2. Ability to manufacture perfectly cylindrical surfaces in-house.
  3. State-of-the-art technologies serving up the highest rigidity, precision and productivity.
  4. Our high-quality grinding and Jig Borer machines can grind and mill parts to within 1 micron, giving our customers a precise, high-quality finish.
  5. Production process data is constantly compiled and analysed to improve machining productivity through the My JUARISTI software.