Accucay cube

3D Verification Lab

3D Verification Lab

Accuracy Cube

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Geometric verification room

A space dedicated to dimensional verification with advanced systems capable of detecting infinitesimal errors. Each part of our solutions must meet strict accuracy criteria before being assembled on the machines. We test each part to ensure it meets design specifications, giving our customers the ultimate assurance both in accuracy and reliability.

Machining Workshop

  1. Most accurate coordinate measuring machine (CMM) for this volume (3-5 μm full volume and less than 1 μm in 1 m) on the market (Zeiss).
  2. High volume measurement capability (up to 6,000 x 3,000 x 2,000 mm) for all parts.
  3. Traceability of parts and guaranteed quality control.
  4. Process of Accuracy Best+: collection and analysis of each overall adjustment parameter.