“The JUARISTI experience must be universal and standard. We want customers to know what to expect from our technicians regardless of the country they are in”

11 Juil 2021

NAGORE APODAKA, Director of the Services Unit

In recent months, the JUARISTI management bodies have promoted a new management strategy and a new integral service package, in addition to optimising the international structure with new hires and strategic alliances. At the same time, the department in Azkoitia has been reinforced and provided with greater resources. After implementing those changes and seeing their effectiveness, Service has been running as an independent business unit since July of this year and reports its own profit and loss account and has greater autonomy in doing its own planning.

In the operating plan, the department still has two managers in the different activity areas. Nagore Apodaka is the Manager of Commissioning and Service Operations and Josu Goyogana is still in charge of the After-sales service. The direction of the business unit is now occupied by Nagore Apodaka, who is the liaison with the management bodies.

Apodaka joined the company in 2019 from CIE Automotive, where she was a Key Account Manager. Hiring her was a move to implement a new project management method in the Services area that has involved developing a new strategy to allow individualized attention for every project.

« The initial stages are critical. Levelling a machine properly is fundamental for ensuring its quality and precision »

Nagore Apodaka

JUARISTI has reinforced the structure of the service department and has provided the installation area with its own team. Why is this a strategic area for the company?

We want to be attentive to the totality of the JUARISTI experience and give the same importance and quality to the entire process, from building the machines to after-sales service, with installation in between.

Customers are giving more and more importance to the services provided by the manufacturer, which are becoming key factor for deciding on a supplier. We have to put the customer at the center of what we do and respond to all their needs. Because of that, reinforcing the Service department is essential.

What do you think the most critical aspects of the commissioning phase are?

The initial stages are critical. Proper levelling is fundamental for ensuring the quality and precision of our machines. Nevertheless, unforeseen eventualities are the major challenge we face in this process and, because of that, they are something we need to stay on top of to keep them from influencing our deadlines and quality.

What are the main concerns and demands of customers?

Meeting deadlines and the quality of the machine are fundamental. Likewise, they need to feel attended to and informed during the whole process. From the reception of the order to accepting the machine, our customers put themselves in our hands. It is our obligation to reciprocate the trust they put in us by responding to all their requirements.

How does JUARISTI satisfy those demands?

Even though commissioning is frequently an unpredictable process, our goal is to be able to control all the factors that might affect it as much as possible because it is one of the most critical phases for the machine to perform correctly. Because of that, the preparation phase is key. Good standardisation in commissioning prevents most surprises. In addition, it lets us keep the customer informed every step of the way.

On the other hand, analysing every unforeseen event is essential.Finding the origin of the problem, analysing it and passing on the lessons learned is essential for continuous improvement, not just in our services but in the entire process done by JUARISTI.

What are the main challenges in the area you coordinate today?

JUARISTI is going through a time of growth where our structure is being adapted to current demands. Our challenge is to keep providing services that are personal, fast and of the highest quality at the same time that we are changing size.

What goals is the company facing in the coming years? And what measures do you have in mind to achieve them?

Our primary goal is to improve our customer service, activate our listening channels and provide the services and information needed for us to become trusted partners. To those ends, we are currently focused on standardising commissioning and creating protocols and documentation for internal coordination and to share with customers so we can obtain as much control as possible over the entire process.

In the medium-long term we want to expand our services, listen to the needs of the market and adapt to them so our customers can get the greatest possible performance from their investment.

In this case, an initial starting point has been expanding our international Service network into key markets like France and Italy. Our customers need immediate and personalised service wherever they may be.

How is the customer experience in the commissioning stage being improved?

Our intention is that customers feel safe and looked after at all times. We want to provide services with complete transparency about the process that is going to be done in their facilities.

What is the strategy for the area for the next few years and how will it be implemented in the international markets where JUARISTI has a presence?

The JUARISTI experience aims to be universal and standard. We want customers to know beforehand what to expect from our services and technicians, regardless of the country they are in.

To those ends, we want to keep expanding our presence in primary markets, like France and Italy, and duplicate the improvements that are being made at headquarters. All of that is part of a joint goal of continuous improvement and refinement. 


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