New strategic development directorate

24 Août 2020

As we announced at the beginning of the year, we are working to optimize the structure of the company and ensure the success of the projects. In January we strengthened the Executive Committee with new additions and established new coordination methods to efficiently distribute tasks and responsibilities, ensure more fluid interdepartmental communication and encourage teamwork throughout the structure.

In this new model of horizontal organization, Asier Gogortza assumed the role of director of strategic development, in which he will report regularly to the steering committee and will coordinate with the Strategic Marketing management. In his new role, he will be in charge of the product strategy, leading a team for it, as well as the definition of new technological developments, all together with technical management.

He will also assume the leadership in the automation strategy, being responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the automation systems of our solutions.

In addition to the direct responsibilities arising from his new position, Gogortza will provide support to the sales, production and service departments, acting as a facilitator for those responsible for these areas, as well as energising the continuous improvement and re-engineering teams.

We thank Gogortza for his continued involvement and commitment and wish him luck in his new role, where we are convinced that he will contribute to the company’s success.


À propos de JUARISTI

Chez JUARISTI, nous sommes experts dans la fourniture de solutions haut de gamme pour les opérations d’usinage. Notre catalogue couvre une large gamme de configurations de fraiseuses, d’aléseuses et de centres multifonctions. Nous nous démarquons grâce à la robustesse, à la fiabilité et à la précision de nos produits, par notre étroite collaboration avec le client dans le cadre de projets clés en main et par le développement d’innovations à valeur différentielle pour affronter la concurrence mondiale.