New TH3-MT Machining Center: high precision milling, boring and turning

10 Mai 2021

The new TH3-MT Machining Center is JUARISTI’s commitment to satisfying customers who demand a unit capable of performing multiple machining techniques with high productivity and accurate results. 

  • Productivity: 5-axis machining capacity and multiple automation systems.
  • Versatility: multi-process design for milling, boring and turning.
  • Robustness: thermosymmetrical design with head centred on the column.

The new machine incorporates an integrated automation package that can be tailored to the customer’s requirements. It features a quick-change matrix tool changer with capacity for up to 200 tools and an FMS multipallet system.

  • Ultra-fast tool changer.
  • Flexible configuration with FMS multipallet system.
  • Automatic Head Changer as an option.

The new design offers a more compact lay-out for better use of factory space. It also optimizes the chip and coolant collection system, thus improving the autonomy of the solution.

  • Stainless steel coating inside the enclosure to protect and extend the life of the machine.
  • Ergonomic machine handling and maintenance operations.
  • Ease of parts loading and unloading.
  • Comfortable and intuitive command station to facilitate the work of the operator.



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