#theunstoppable: floor type milling machine ML3 for french machine tool manufacturer

20 Oct 2020

This week in #theunstoppable we introduce our latest floor type milling machine, designed for a french machine tool manufacturer, Thibaut CMI. Since 1948, THIBAUT designs, manufactures and sells machine tools for all kinds of natural or agglomerated materials (granite, marble, stone, concrete, glass, resin, slate, ceramics…).

Strategic partners

Thibaut needed to renovate the equipment of its plant in Vire, France. They wanted a solution capable of machining various structural components of their machines. They soon decided to repeat the experience with JUARISTI, a company they have known for decades because they already had some of the brand’s milling and boring machines in their workshop.

The ML Series is the result of a design concept based on Value Analysis, which offers high dynamics and precision with a reasonable investment. This floor type milling machine features a high chip removal capacity and high productivity, incorporating a vertical/horizontal divider. Whatch in this video the multiple structural advantages of the machine and its accessories.

Floor type milling machine - universal head

Leading technologies for utmost accuracy

The ML series offers high performance, precision and machining power. The linear guiding of the RAM, combined with the hidrostatic guiding (HDS) contributes to this high performance avoiding vibrations. In addition, the machine designed for Thibaut incorporates a universal head ACD2 (0,001Âş x 0,001Âş), which achieves high rotation speed (6,000 min-1) and torque (1,300 Nm).

Automation solutions

 This floor type milling machine is equipped with an automatic tool changer (ATC) rack type with capacity of 40 tools (optionally up to 120). It enables tool changing in vertical and horizontal mode. The ML series can be also equipped with automatic head changer (AAC).

Floor type milling machine - Automatic Tool Changer

All JUARISTI’s automation systems are manufactured within our group, which allows us to perfectly integrate them in our machines and ensure maximum synchronization. 

Ergonomics and ease of use

The design of the machine is focused on the safety and comfort of the operator. The platform travels with three independent movements, providing the operator with the best view of the machining process. The machine has been designed to ensure the comfortable operations, with vertical travel of the platform and a special system for the easy and safe manual operation of the tools.

Floor type milling machine - Operator cabin

About JUARISTI Boring and Milling Machines

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