„Our customers appreciate the added value of a technical service managed by the manufacturer rather than third parties“

6 Jun 2019

Wolfgang Moll, Director of our Service Hub in Germany

In September 2017, JUARISTI took a decisive step towards strengthening its presence in the German market with the opening of a branch in Erkelenz, in the western part of the country. Wolfgang Moll, head of the technical service department since its opening, believes that the decision has meant a substantial improvement in the quality of service and acknowledges that many customers have already reported their satisfaction. They greatly appreciate that the manufacturer itself is in charge of an area as critical for their business as this one.

What were the consequences of the new technical support service opening?
Since we opened this new office, JUARISTI customers are very contented with our service. They value the fact that the service is managed directly by the manufacturer and not by subcontracted third parties.

What means are at your disposal to carry out the technical service?
We have an administrative office of approximately 200 square metres and a 500 square metre workshop with a crane that has a capacity of up to 50 tonnes.

What does it mean to have your office next to one of your main customers’ facilities?
Customers who come to our offices can not only see our workshop machines, but also MHWirth machines, which are already in full production. This allows them to see examples of various custom solutions in a real production scenario, which is crucial for customers to understand the true benefits of the machines.

What is the service scope covered from Erkelenz?
From here, we can assist all JUARISTI customers in Germany and neighbouring countries.

How many customers do you have in Germany?
At the moment, we have about 60 customers in Germany with almost 100 machines. We provide technical service for all types of machines, component repairs, geometric adjustments and retrofitting of older machines.

Describe your team.
We have one electrical engineer, two senior technicians and five technical specialists. Plus, we have one person in charge of spare parts service in the office and two people in administration.

How do you train technicians?
JUARISTI has its own training programme. Our technicians often travel to participate in training programmes where they are instructed on the specific characteristics of our products. In any case, the best training in our sector is the hands-on approach. New challenges appear every day, so we try to involve all our staff in all tasks. In this sense, the close relationship and support of JUARISTI from Spain is very important.

What is the roadmap for the technical service of JUARISTI Germany for the coming year?
This next year we will invest heavily in new equipment worth nearly 200,000 euros. This investment is essential to provide specialised support to our customers. We will also install a head test-bench so that we can also enhance component service. With these changes, we want to reinforce the idea that we are our customers’ best partner in all areas.

How do you rate JUARISTI’s status in Germany?
We are on the right track. This year we will reach the target with a service revenue of approximately 1 million euros. The sales and service market is very good right now. Manufacturers are investing and the 2019 interim results are very good.



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