JUARISTI hands over the money collected for the defense of minors at risk

21 Gen 2020

In JUARISTI we feel in debt to our territory and believe that social responsibility begins in our home. In these 75 years, 3 generations have been part of our company, and we hope that many more will do so in the future.

Protecting our future requires protecting our childhood and that is why last year we launched a campaign to support the Basque Association for Help for Abused Children (AVAIM).

On January 17th, Mireia Romarate, HR Director, handed over the money raised this year to representatives of AVAIM. The excellent reception of the campaign in fairs such as EMO, Salon Siane, MECSPE, etc., made it possible to a remarkable amount.

A wolf fighting for our kids’ rights

3060148 1 JUARISTI hands over the money collected for the defense of minors at risk

AVAIM is a non-profit organization founded in 1990 and composed of professionals from different fields (psychology, pedagogy, social work, law, education, medicine, etc.) that combine their efforts to raise awareness against child abuse and promote the good treatment of children and young people in the Basque Country.

At JUARISTI we made some stuffed wolves and brought them to the main European trade fairs to offer them in exchange for donations.


A proposito di JUARISTI

In JUARISTI siamo esperti nel fornire soluzioni di alta qualità per le operazioni di lavorazione. Il nostro catalogo copre un'ampia gamma di configurazioni di fresatrici, alesatrici e centri multifunzione. Ci contraddistinguono la robustezza, l'affidabilità e la precisione dei nostri prodotti, la stretta collaborazione con il cliente con progetti chiavi in mano e lo sviluppo di innovazioni con un valore differenziale per competere a livello globale.