JUARISTI TX3S-MGX20 High precision Boring Mill for the machining of the RA-10 Reflector Tank

4 Mar 2024

After 12 years of hard work, the start-up of the Argentine Multipurpose Nuclear Reactor RA-10 is on the way to be a fact. The Argentine Atomic Energy Commission is carrying out the construction of the RA-10 with INVAP as main contractor.

The Reflector Tank, a key component of the project, completed the last validation tests after its fabrication in Bariloche and arrived at the Ezeiza Atomic Center on February 27, where it will be mounted inside the RA-10 Reactor Pool. The start-up of the reactor consolidates Argentina’s position as a regional leader in the nuclear area and in the production of experimental reactors in particular.

At JUARISTI we have contributed our bit to the project by designing and supplying to INVAP a customized high precision horizontal boring-milling machine (TX3S-MGX20 model) to carry out the demanding boring and milling operations requested and with the capacity to machine with very high precision the particularly hard layer of the Reflector Tank, main component of the Nuclear Reactor.

The Reflector Tank, with 100,000+ engineering hours and 100+ people involved, is a complex piece constructed of Zircaloy (zirconium alloy), is one of the « hearts » of the reactor. The TX3S machine has been the one to perform the last machining operations related to the whole manufacturing process of the part, a piece with a very high added value in which making a mistake was not an option.

We are especially satisfied with the work done and proud to have contributed our grain of sand in achieving such an important milestone for #INVAP, for #CNEA and Argentine Nuclear Energy.


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