New Airbus machining centres entrusted to JUARISTI: two boring-milling centres for St-Eloi

6 Okt 2020

AIRBUS machining centres entrusted to JUARISTI. The aviation company has once again put its trust in JUARISTI to equip its St-Eloi plant, in Toulouse. Continuing the strategic collaboration that began in 1995, Airbus has commissioned JUARISTI to manufacture two palletized milling and boring centres to modernize its machine resources. Completion is scheduled for early 2021.

On this occasion, the project comprises 2 TX3S, planer-type boring-milling centres, whose most important structural characteristic is the box-in-box configuration, with a head centred on the column, which prevents thermal deformation. This feature improves the precision of the machining and increases cutting capacity.

The machining centres that JUARISTI will supply to AIRBUS will be used for machining the structural elements known as “masts”. These structures are responsible for joining the aircraft’s engines to the wings. They are absolutely critical parts, made of hard materials such as titanium, inconel and stainless steel that also require high precision. This is why the centres supplied must have high chip removal capacity and must guarantee high surface quality and a very demanding level of finish.

Furthermore, the centres provide a high level of automation including parts loading, tools changing, part inspections, etc. to improve the productivity of the process. They are also equipped with the latest Industry 4.0 solutions for data acquisition and management, automatic information transfer between the machine and the AIRBUS network, etc.

New Airbus machining centres, the result of our strategic partnership

The relationship with AIRBUS began in 1995. In that year, AIRBUS started modernising its productive plant in St-Eloi (Toulouse) and decided to incorporate new boring machines to increase their capacity for machining high-precision components in hard metal alloys. This equipment is still machining the most demanding AIRBUS parts today.

The new project is a confirmation of the trust placed by AIRBUS in JUARISTI, a major milestone due to the complexity of the process, since, in the words of Juanjo Juaristi, Commercial Director of the French market, “it is a project with a high degree of customization, which requires close collaboration between the two companies”.

“Very high standards are required because they are manufacturing a top level product that demands advanced technical solutions and a close and rapid service. We are therefore very satisfied to have a strategic partner of the size, importance and global reach of AIRBUS trusting JUARISTI for this project” says Juaristi.

JUARISTI has accumulated solid references in the sector in recent years such as Dassault Aviation, Rolls Royce, Safran, Brahmos Aerospace, British Aerospace, Dynamatic Aerospace, Champion Aviation, Dynamic Technology and Isro-Indian Space Research Organization.


At JUARISTI, we are experts in providing premium solutions for machining operations. Our catalogue spans a wide range of configurations for milling machines, boring machines and machining centres. We pride ourselves on the robustness, reliability and precision of our products, on our close customer cooperation with turnkey projects and on our development of innovations that set us apart to compete at a global level.

Airbus machining centres entrusted to JUARISTI

The milling and boring sector is changing and embracing new approaches to business. We appreciate our customers‘ growing concern for efficiency and sustainability. We are committed to innovation, anticipating changes in the industry.

Our spirit is the same today as that, which led the founders of our company in the genesis of the industrial revolution. Engineers and designers work with the same artisanal attitude, careful in every detail with a single objective: to build the best machine tools to provide the maximum benefit to our customers. We are indebted to our tradition and committed to the progress inspired by the attributes that have made JUARISTI machines famous: flexibility, connectivity, cooperation, intelligence, robustness, ergonomics and customization.



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