JUARISTI presents the latest generation of adaptative control software

11 Lug 2017

Following JUARISTI strategy to provide high added value machines, JUARISTI has recently presented the latest generation of the Adaptive Control and Anti-collision Software. Thanks to this new Software, cutting times can be reduced considerably, tool life is extended and the machine is protected against undesired collisions.

Adaptive Control and Anti-collision Software

The system is based on a triaxial accelerometer, which is easily installed next to the tool, and a vibration analyzing and managing Software. This Software modifies the feed of the machine depending on the vibration level, and therefore, machining is always performed in optimum conditions.

The maximum feed of the tool is used when the conditions are advantageous, and on the other hand, the feed rate is reduced if the material is unfavorable or the cutting depth has been increased. As a result, cutting time can be drastically reduced, especially in initial roughing operations.  

On top of that, due to the fact that the machining is always performed in optimum conditions and low vibrations, the tool life is increased, and therefore, tool and cutter costs are also reduced.

Anti-collision function: the extremely fast response of the accelerometer (less than 1ms) makes possible to stop the machine in case of an undesired collision. At the very beginning of the collision, the software stops the machine to avoid any further damage.

One of the main advantages of this latest generation of the Software is its simplicity. It does not require any complicated and long configuration process, where the tool consumptions and process types has to be determined. On the contrary, a few vibration limits for different tool groups are defined at the beginning, and the rest is done automatically.

JUARISTI customers will benefit from this Software in all new machines, but it will be also available for already installed machines. Intelligent machines at the service of Humans.


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