Extraordinary statement: Covid-19, current status and measures at JUARISTI

16 Mar 2020

Faced with the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus health crisis, we would like to inform you that JUARISTI management has taken the necessary measures to ensure that our company implements all of the recommendations of the health authorities until they declare an end to the crisis.

The purpose of all of the measures being driven by the health authorities is to prevent the spread of the virus in order to defend at-risk populations. We currently have no recorded positive cases among our employees nor among their close relatives; however, taking into account the scalability of the problem, we want to act with foresight and responsibility to ensure the health of our employees, collaborators and clients at all times, as well as to contribute to the well-being of civil society.

For this reason, our first step has been to set up a special committee whose purpose is to closely monitor the evolution of the crisis and keep up to date with health recommendations. Likewise, we have implemented technical updates to reinforce our teleservice and telephone support service structures, as well as our remote monitoring and management systems. These measures aim to reduce exposure to unnecessary risks while also ensuring the maximum availability and efficiency of our customer support systems.

With this in mind, we would like to make you aware of the situation in which we currently find ourselves on an operational level:

  • Our commercial operations will continue as normal, while also making digital contact and remote management tools available to our clients.
  • Our usual contact methods will continue to be operational.
  • Our production and supply chain system will continue to function as normal.
  • Our warehouses are sufficiently stocked and our spare parts and accessories delivery service is fully operational.
  • Our Technical Support service has been reinforced and equipped with technological means that allow it to operate with maximum efficiency in the event that our clients suffer any technical incident.
  • We have created an extraordinary communication channel with our international network of service partners and distributors in order to coordinate with each other and guarantee optimal geographical coverage to counteract limitations in international movement.
  • We have implemented a protocol to evaluate the updates of the situation daily and immediately inform our clients of any other exceptional measure that we may take.

On the other hand, we have adopted the following measures with immediate effect and until further notice:

  • In-person visits or commercial meetings must be agreed and accepted in advance by the client and the JUARISTI special committee.
  • All activities involving large gatherings of people and that can not be carried out remotely via digital means, such as events, training sessions, on-site assistance, etc., will be postponed.

We are confident that all of these measures will allow us to continue our activity as normal while also conserving the health and well-being of all.

We would like to thank you in advance for your understanding and collaboration.


A proposito di JUARISTI

In JUARISTI siamo esperti nel fornire soluzioni di alta qualità per le operazioni di lavorazione. Il nostro catalogo copre un'ampia gamma di configurazioni di fresatrici, alesatrici e centri multifunzione. Ci contraddistinguono la robustezza, l'affidabilità e la precisione dei nostri prodotti, la stretta collaborazione con il cliente con progetti chiavi in mano e lo sviluppo di innovazioni con un valore differenziale per competere a livello globale.