Hidromek: a mega-project in Turkey with 11 machining centers for public works machinery

18 Mag 2020

Hidromek, a Turkish earthmoving machinery manufacturer, is currently constructing a new 1.2 million square metre production plant in Ankara to meet its very high demand. To equip its new facilities, JUARISTI and Hidromek have worked on a strategic collaborative mega-project that includes the supply of 11 machining centers.

Hidromek is one of the most powerful companies in its sector, the manufacture of earthmoving machinery. Founded in Ankara (Turkey) in 1978, in just a few decades it has established itself as one of the top manufacturers of backhoe loaders, hydraulic excavators, loaders, graders and steamrollers.

It has six production facilities, located in Ankara, Izmir and Thailand, and exports to more than 100 countries on 5 continents, with offices in Spain, Russia and Japan.

New production plant

Its growth has been so strong in recent years, that in 2017 it decided to start work on a new production plant in Ankara with a surface area of 1.2 million square meters. An estimated investment of around 300 million euros has been made in the new facilities.

To equip its new plant, Hidromek began to look for a machine tool manufacturer to form a strategic partnership with. It required an extraordinary project, both because of the size of the investment and its demanding specifications. It needed to find a partner who could offer them a sound product and at the same time financial guarantees and technically reliable support.

The people in charge of Hidromek knew JUARISTI thanks to its numerous connections in the earthmoving machinery industry. JUARISTI has carried out projects for top companies in the sector such as Hisarlar, Caterpilar, Ahlmann, Lannen Tractors, Schwing Stetter, Larsen and Toubro, Komatsu, New Holland and Til.

Powerful local service

Another key factor that attracted Hidromek’s interest in JUARISTI was the skill of JUARISTI’s representative in Turkey, TEKNIKEL, who provides professional support for both technical solutions and after-sales service, at a local level.

So, after several technical meetings to adapt the project to its needs, Hidromek chose JUARISTI, which agreed to supply a total of 11 machines. The project includes four MX5 DUPLEX machines: two MX5 floor-type milling machines arranged face- to-face and three T-type boring-milling TX3S-MGX20 multitasking models.

Multitasking boring-milling machines

The solutions supplied by JUARISTI will be used for the machining of a very wide range of components for earthmoving machinery. The Floor Type MX5 boring-milling machine with a face-to-face layout will facilitate simultaneous machining of high- volume parts, such as excavator booms and buckets, from both sides. This machining technique achieves very good results with maximum productivity by optimising the time used.

Moreover, JUARISTI TX3-S boring-milling machines with multitasking features will bring great versatility to its production. This configuration is optimum for machining medium sized parts of various types, a job that can now be done ergonomically and comfortably, as the machines are equipped with a high-precision rotary table.

All the solutions supplied to Hidromek have the most advanced automated systems, including systems for the automatic head pallet and tool changing.


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