#theunstoppable: floor type milling machine ML series – Spanish subcontractor

8 Sep 2020

This week in #theunstoppable we introduce our latest mobile column milling machine delivered to a major Spanish machining subcontractor, Theos 98 SL. From its headquarters in Valladolid, the company manufactures and sells small, medium and large series of parts manufactured by machining, boilermaking, forging or casting. They work under the client’s plans and specifications in various sectors, including industry, railways and infrastructures.

mledit1 1 #theunstoppable: floor type milling machine ML series - Spanish subcontractor

Productivity thanks to the high feed rates and 5-axis machining capacity

The ML Series is the result of a design concept based on Value Analysis, which offer high dynamics and precision with a reasonable investment. This floor type milling center features many customisation options, in addition to its high chip removal capacity and its high productivity. The model configured for Theos 98 SL is equipped with a table, with double pinion and backlash elimination system, which allows 5 axis machining tasks. Added to its high feed rates (up to 40 m/min), this results in an outstanding productivity.

High cutting capacity and excellent performance

The ML series offers high performance, precision and machining power considering its typology. The linear guiding of the RAM, combined with the hidrostatic support (HDS). contributes to this high performance avoiding vibrations. In addition, the machine delivered to Theos 98 incorporates a universal head ACD1, which achieves high power (40 kW), rotation speed (6,000 min-1) and torque (1,400 Nm), resulting in a better cutting capacity and precision (1ºx1º). Other posible options: ACD2 universal head (0,001º x 0,001º) and ACD7 universal head (continuous rotation).

mledit10 #theunstoppable: floor type milling machine ML series - Spanish subcontractor

HDS technology, maximum precision in all machining operations

HDS is a system installed in the RAM of the ML machines that improves the cutting capacity reducing notably the generated vibrations. The system is based on a hydrostatic damping system that significantly reduces vibrations.

Automation solutions

This floor type milling machine is equipped with an automatic tool changer (ATC) rack type with capacity of 40 tools (optionally up to 120). It enables tool changing in vertical and horizontal mode. The ML series can be also equipped with automatic head changer (AAC).



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