SUPERVISOR and OSASUN, the two capital technologies that make our machines intelligent and healthy

23 5月 2018

In works as demanding for machinery as milling or boring, innovations aimed at the maintenance and efficient use of machines are increasingly important. The ability to adapt themselves to the requirements of the different jobs and the capacity to stay in good condition over time are the two main distinctive traits of our machines. That’s why the two most important technologies that make our machines intelligent are our SUPERVISOR and OSASUN systems.


All the information of the machine in a single screen so that the client can analyze its performance and better plan its use. This is what the SUPERVISOR system offers, which means the definitive unification of all the productive equipment and facilitates its direct and easy management from the customer’s integration systems (ERP). Functioning for more than 10 years, the software has been constantly updated and adapted to the demands of users. The latest version also incorporates a new graphical interface designed to be more intuitive.

SUPERVISOR automatically connects to the company’s ERP to receive manufacturing orders. Thanks to this, depending on the availability of the productive equipment, the ERP will be able to generate a production plan and automatically calculate the needs of the machines to obtain the top performance from them.

Due to this software, the client will be able to work in an unattended manner (without operator), using the most advanced piece inspection systems, tool breakage checks, machine measurements, etc.


The main concern of the customers is to ensure the correct maintenance of the machine to avoid failures and losses caused by downtime and the cost of repairs. Aware of this, Juaristi has developed the OSASUN system, designed to address this concern and allow monitoring, self-diagnosis and predictive maintenance of the machine. All this, contributes to extend the lifetime of the machine thanks to its proper maintenance, reducing the number and duration of unscheduled stops and increasing productivity.

The software collects in real time information about temperatures, speed, consumptions, tool and pallet change times, etc, and performs periodic tests to check the health of the machine. Using own algorithms analyzes this data to later offer conclusions and predictive maintenance plans.

In a very intuitive and visual way, the client can control the condition of the machines and auxiliary systems, include assembly instructions, control sheets, quality deviations and obtain customized reports of the machined pieces and the manufacturing plan.




对于华日斯蒂来说,我们是提供优质加工解决方案的专家。 我们的产品目录涵盖铣床、镗床和多功能加工中心的各种配置。我们凭借产品的稳定性、可靠性和高精度,在交钥匙项目中与客户的密切合作以及开发增值创新的能力,从而使我们在全球竞争中脱颖而出。