Quick Machine Verification, the system that will prevent inaccuracies in less than 15 minutes

23 5月 2018

In high precision machining jobs, any deviation not foreseen in the machine can have huge effects on the final results. That’s why it is so important to make sure that the machine geometry is perfect before the machining process is performed. However, the procedures that currently exist to carry out this task are very slow and cause long downtime.

To solve this problem, at Juaristi we have worked on a cutting-edge innovation that will turn this costly task into an automated procedure that will only require 15 minutes, will draw infallible conclusions and will only require very few means, so it will be cost-effective.

oo 1024x508 1 Quick Machine Verification, the system that will prevent inaccuracies in less than 15 minutes

This system of dimensional verification, which is already in testing phase and will be applied to our machines in the coming months, will allow the user to know the condition of the machine at all times and correct possible positioning errors in the axis and inaccuracies in the perpendicularity between axes.

This system, developed together with the Technological and Research Center Tekniker, carries out different measurements in the work volume using a linear pattern of spheres and then compares the obtained results with the measurements performed by the machine itself to calculate position errors. The application of this technology will obtain accuracies of about 0.03 mm in volumes of 25 m3, 0.05 mm in 50 m3 and 0.1 mm in 100 m3, results unthinkable until now.

This system will be especially useful in the machining of medium and large size pieces and will ensure the quality of the final product at 100%, which will reduce losses derived from defective products and costs associated with downtime. Thus, the quality of the products delivered to the final customer will be improved and delivery times will be drastically reduced. In fact, our forecasts affirm that this technology will contribute to increase the productivity of our machine tools between 20 and 30%

This qualitative improvement will have even more beneficial effects in series production because it will ensure the repeatability of the results and will avoid being constantly checking the condition of the machine.

Thanks to this new milestone of our innovation department, in Juaristi we can increase the offer of functionalities of our machines presenting a more innovative product that provides greater advantages to the user.



对于华日斯蒂来说,我们是提供优质加工解决方案的专家。 我们的产品目录涵盖铣床、镗床和多功能加工中心的各种配置。我们凭借产品的稳定性、可靠性和高精度,在交钥匙项目中与客户的密切合作以及开发增值创新的能力,从而使我们在全球竞争中脱颖而出。