#theunstoppable series: Hydrostatic boring machine with maximum cutting capacity and best-in-class precision

The #unstoppable brings you this time our last hydrostatic boring machine MP-RAM, delivered this week to a well-known Indian manufacturer

22 7月 2020

This floor type boring and milling machine will be used for the machining of structural components of heavy military vehicles, whose parts are made of Armox steel, an extreme hardness material. The MP-RAM is the machine that best suits this project to its high cutting capacity and maximum accuracy, thanks to the comprehensive guiding on all axes and the advanced precision technologies it comes with.

The machine offers also multiple structural advantages, including its long travels on all axes (6,000, 2,000, 1,500 and 1,000 in the X,Y,Z,W), high spindle power (71kW) and high spindle torque (5,510 Nm).

A truly exclusive solution

The MP-RAM is JUARISTI’s most exclusive solution. All structural components are made of grey nodular cast iron and all axes are hydrostatic, on large hardened and ground guides.

The hydrostatic guide, greased with a continuous film of oil that prevents contact between guide and counter-guide, reduces the friction coefficient and enables extraordinarily smooth movements, achieving very high precision in very heavy machines.

The X-axis stroke has a rack and pinion system with 2 pinions and 2 motors. In addition, the vertical stroke has a static ball screw with a rotating nut, which helps to achieve very fast feeds.

JUARISTI has more than 40 years of experience developing this type of solutions with hydrostatic technology, which is currently used by most heavy-duty machine manufacturers. It was precisely this proven experience that pushed the customer’s decision-makers to opt for the MP-RAM.

Superior accuracy with long-lasting reliability

It has 3 automatic compensation systems for the bending of the RAM, rocking of the headstock and tilting of the column.

The compensation systems work through three proportional valves that act according to the RAM regulation readout. The compensation algorithms vary depending on the headstock being used by the machine at any given time.

Unleashing the multitasking power

This turnkey MP-RAM is a truly comprehensive milling-boring machine equipped with advanced heads and accessories to enhance productivity thanks to the multitasking capacity. All JUARISTI’s automation systems are manufactured within our group, which allows us to perfectly integrate them in our machines and ensure maximum synchronization.

  • Boring spindle: With diameter of 160 mm, it is perfect for demanding boring operations in deep machining areas. Axial travel up to 1,000 mm.
  • JUARISTI automatic orthogonal milling head: 46 kW, 2,000 Nm and automatic positioning every 1º x 1º.
  • D’ANDREA facing head: of 360 mm, maximum facing diameter up to 800 mm, and U-radial travel of 120 mm.

Automation solutions

This #unstoppable is equipped with several automation solutions and technologies to increase productivity and ease unattended machining operations following the demands of the customer.

  • Chain type Automatic Tool Changer. Chain type Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) with capacity for 40 tools. It enables changing the tool in horizontal and in vertical, both in the boring spindle and also in the automatic orthogonal milling head.
  • Automatic Tool Changer. Additional fixed position in the AAC, that enables changing one special tool of big size and weight.
  • Automatic Head Changer. Automatic Attachment Changer(AAC) with 4 positions to reduce non-productive times between different machining works.
  • Calibration systems. Automatic tool diameter and length measuring systems with laser probe.

Ergonomics and ease of use

The design of the machine is focused on the safety and comfort of the operator. The platform travels with three independent movements, providing the operator with the best view of the machining process.



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