JUARISTI strengthens its presence in France and Italy

17 2月 2022

The company redesigns its commercial strategy in both countries to define improved strategic coverage and assign greater resources to expand its presence.

France and Italy present good commercial perspectives for the future of JUARISTI. On one hand, France stands out because of its aerospace industry where the manufacturers usually choose top level high precision European suppliers and in recent years JUARISTI has been accumulating high level references in the industry. Furthermore, large investments are expected in the shipbuilding industry in the next five years. Italy, on the other hand, is a very active market because its industrial policies favour recapitalisation through hyper-amortisation, which favours renewing equipment to be at cutting edge of competitiveness.

With the goal of guaranteeing geographical coverage that maximises the opportunities presented by both markets, last year JUARISTI worked on a very ambitious strategy to grow and be closer to its customers in the two countries. The strategy, led by Commercial Director Juanjo Juaristi, includes an action plan and an integral management plan for both cases:

“We would like to repeat a formula that has worked very well for us in regions where it has been implemented. It is an active commercial structure with a very powerful service company and a top customer with a lot of trust whose facilities we can use as a workshop with potential customers. With that model, we can be sure to stay close to our customers in both the service and commercial areas. And, furthermore, we can have the resources to show the potential of our machines, which strengthens our sales pitch.”

To repeat the model the French market managers have studied the current situation zone by zone to find the areas that need reinforcement. The company is working on more ambitious representation agreements with agents that have already been working with JUARISTI to reinforce its presence in the eastern part of the country and other agreements with new agents in high priority areas, who can guarantee a greater presence and more proactivity in key regions. The result is a commercial structure in the country that now has five agents and a coordinator.

The strategy coordination manager in the country will be Matthieu Novat, a professional with extensive experience in the machine tool industry.

In the last few months, a new strategic agreement has been signed with a leading technical service provider – Satinum – in the western region of the country. In addition, new agreements are being worked on with other suppliers in the Nantes and Lyon regions. The technicians from all the companies new alliances are being made with will be trained at the JUARISTI headquarters in the specifics of the machines.

JUARISTI’s forecasts for the country are very positive. Especially after a leading aerospace producer placed an order with JUARISTI for a large project that includes four type T machines for one of its production plants.

Italy, a stable market for JUARISTI’s goals

The country that will follow France in the operational planning will be Italy, using a very similar model. “We intend to repeat the same model of staying close to the customers. We are motivated by having recently finished five formidable projects and we have a highly experienced country coordinator, Fabio Pignolo, with whom we have recently reaffirmed our long term commitment. The outlook could not be brighter.”

In Italy, work is being done to commercially reinforce the most important areas of the country. And several service provider companies have been identified that JUARISTI expects to sign partnership agreements with soon.

“In France like in Italy, it is extremely important for us to have a robust structure for providing customers with more personal services. Both markets are highly demanding. They have industry that is significant but geographically very spread out. And the customers value the peace of mind they can get from expert commercial advice and high quality and personal service.” explains Juanjo Juaristi.

JUARISTI currently has more than 40 customers in Italy, with a large presence in the north of the country. The company has recently increased its presence in the south with several large scope projects for general mechanical engineering and machine tool manufacturing customers.



对于华日斯蒂来说,我们是提供优质加工解决方案的专家。 我们的产品目录涵盖铣床、镗床和多功能加工中心的各种配置。我们凭借产品的稳定性、可靠性和高精度,在交钥匙项目中与客户的密切合作以及开发增值创新的能力,从而使我们在全球竞争中脱颖而出。