JUARISTI presents for the first time in Italy the multitasking machining center that received the highest industry accolades at the last EMO fair

26 11月 2019

  • JUARISTI will present the benefits of its new TH3-MT center at the MECSPE trade fair, which will take place between 28 and 30 November in Bari, Italy.
  • The new development motivated a delegation of personalities headed by the German Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure to select JUARISTI among more than 2,200 exhibitors at the last EMO fair.
  • In addition, the company will show its new range of universal heads, which have a magnificent rotation speed and power, thus achieving high productivity in 5-axis machining.

JUARISTI will present for the first time in Italy, on the occasion of the MECSPE fair, its new multifunction center TH3-MT. It is a set capable of performing multiple machining techniques with high productivity and precise results that has received numerous accolades from producers and industry experts since its market launch two months ago. The new development has meant such an important advance in the field of machining centers that JUARISTI was even selected among more than 2,200 exhibitors by the team of the German Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure at the recent EMO trade fair.

The new machining center is a development of the TH series, JUARISTI’s 5-axis multifunction centers, which incorporates a turning table and a special head with optimized design for turning operations. The center includes a comprehensive automation package and features a completely new design to improve ergonomics, extend service life and optimize chip and coolant management.

The JUARISTI TH3-MT maintains the main benefits of the TH series solutions: high dynamics (up to 40 m/min fast feed with accelerations of 3 m/s2) and compatibility with the latest generation of high feed and high chip removal tools. Thanks to the symmetrical design with a column-centered head, it offers unbeatable precision performance and high cutting capacity.

The greatest novelty lies in the incorporation of a new special turning head and a turning table. The new head developed by JUARISTI, ACD8, is a universal model that allows 5-axis machining and reaches rotation speeds of up to 8,000 min-1, with high power (60 kW) and torque (1,600 Nm).

Andreas Scheuer, Federal Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure, praised the many benefits of this new multifunctional center during his visit to the company’s stand during the EMO fair in Hanover, a world reference in the metal industry. The Minister and his team selected for the visit to JUARISTI among more than 2,200 exhibitors in recognition of the strong innovation component of the developments presented by the company. This recognition was an important boost to a business project characterized by technological leadership, the drive for innovation and efforts in digital transformation applied to the machine tool sector.

Another of the most recent developments that the company will present will be its new range of universal 5-axis heads, high precision multifunction components that represent an important advance in productivity.
The first of these heads, the ACD7, stands out for its double axis of continuous rotation (horizontal and 45º) and for achieving very fast repositioning movements (from 0 to 180 or in 7 seconds). In terms of performance and performance, it stands out for a rotational speed of up to 6,000 min-1.

The other great novelty, the ACD8, has a 45 or continuous turning axis with a double pinion system, with spindle speeds of up to 8,000 min-1. By means of an automatic change of the turning accessory, the head allows demanding turning operations thanks to its robustness.

In both models, given their fast positioning time and interpolation capacity with the rest of the axes, a drastic reduction in tool change time is achieved, significantly increasing productivity.




    对于华日斯蒂来说,我们是提供优质加工解决方案的专家。 我们的产品目录涵盖铣床、镗床和多功能加工中心的各种配置。我们凭借产品的稳定性、可靠性和高精度,在交钥匙项目中与客户的密切合作以及开发增值创新的能力,从而使我们在全球竞争中脱颖而出。