JUARISTI milling and turning tables

We develop tables on demand with linear or hydrostatic guiding

JUARISTI rotary tables enable stable and ergonomic milling and turning operations to be carried out. They are highly precise in positioning and make smooth movements thanks to linear or hydrostatic guiding. They cover a wide range of workspaces and are compatible with up to 180 tonne pieces.

  • Capacities from 40 to 100 tonnes.
  • 10° tilting angle.
  • Dimensions up to 4,000×4,000 mm.

We develop custom-made tilting tables (up to a maximum of 10º) for our customers with respect to the horizontal plane with total angular position control. These tables enable productive, accurate machining on parts that require special angle part strikes.

  • Table diameter from 1,450 to 3,000 mm.
  • Drive power from 46 to 2×51 kW.
  • Spindle speed of 100 to 400 min-1.
  • Load capacity from 5 to 50 tonnes.

We supply optimal turning tables for medium volume parts. They have a hydrostatic or ball screw base and are equipped with Balance Control technology, a system that makes use of state-of-the-art sensors. This system allows the machine to process the position of the parts at all times and provide information to correct imbalances resulting from imbalanced or asymmetric masses.

  • Linear or hydrostatic guiding for the cross movement.
  • Load capacity from 8 to 180 tonnes.
  • Table dimensions from 1,000×1,200 mm to 5,000×6,000 mm.
  • Cross travel from 1,000 to 6,000 mm.

JUARISTI has a long track record of developing machining rotary tables, which offer multiple advantages in terms of design, optimisation, assembly and maintenance. This system eliminates metal-to-metal contact and virtually eliminates wear because the components “float” in a very thin oil film. Additionally, the hydrostatic system has much higher rigidity values and, above all, damping than rolling or friction guides of the same dimensions. These tables have linear or hydrostatic guiding. The latter allow both static and dynamic friction to be eliminated, as well as system clearances.