(English) « What we value most about Juaristi is their close cooperation and quick response »

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(English) « What we value most about Juaristi is their close cooperation and quick response »

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Andreas Escher, Manufacturing Manager of MHWirth (Germany)

MHWirth is a global supplier of drilling equipment that mainly works for the oil sector. At their factory in Erkelenz, Germany, they produce mud pumps and drawworks for offshore and onshore rigs as well as other products for adjacent industries.

What JUARISTI solutions do you own?

In 2007, we acquired a TX-3 machining center. One year later we acquired a TS-5 horizontal boring machine. In 2013, we invested in a more compact multipallet machining center model with 4 pallets, the TX-1, and in 2014 we acquired an MP-5 boring machine with hydrostatic technology. We currently operate four Juaristi machines for our machining activities.


What kind of jobs do you perform with them?

The two machining centers are used for the machining of medium-sized components such as high-pressure fluid-end parts for our mud pumps. The two horizontal boring machines are intended for larger components, such as our gearbox housings.


What challenges do you face when it comes to machining?

We process a wide range of different materials: cast steel, stainless steel, different types of duplex steels and even Inconel. Generally we face high tolerance requirements, especially in the machining of gearbox housings.


What were your main requirements when you purchased the machines?

We operate in a market that demands short delivery times, high quality and personalized products. Lot sizes are usually small because we work on request, so our machines must be flexible and reliable. In our case, reliability means good machining times combined with repeatable accuracy. Juaristi helps us to get all that.


What is your level of satisfaction?

The first two machines offered great results from the first moment. With the last two machines, we were able to machine more complex components and  to further increase our output, even running manless shifts. Thanks to the opening  foundation of “Juaristi Deutschland GmbH”, all technical issues are solved and we have succeeded in further improving the uptime of all the machines.


What do you value most about your relationship with JUARISTI?

Their close cooperation and rapid response. Our jobs are very demanding for the machines and we attach great importance to the possibility of obtaining immediate assistance to minimize downtime. JUARISTI took a big step by establishing its own service division in Germany in 2017. They are now closer to the end customer and very accessible. This has greatly improved the quality of its service. In addition, they have accompanied us throughout the entire process, from the selection of the machine to the continuous monitoring service.


How would you summarize what JUARISTI offers?

With JUARISTI you get a very good machine at a good price and an excellent support service.