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JUARISTI was founded in 1941. At first, its activities focused on the manufacture of drills, foil rolling mills and diesel engines, although by 1943 it was already producing its first boring machines.
Over the years, the company has manufactured a series of different Boring Machines, Milling Machines and Machining Centres.

The main milestones in its development are as follows:

1943 First Boring Machine.

1966 Large  Hydrostatic Boring Machine.

1974 First NC Boring-Milling Machine.

1981 First Bridge-type Milling Machine.

1943 First Boring Machine

1986 First Boring and Milling Centre with Central Head TS 1-model .

1989 First Boring-Milling Machine with RAM.

1996 MP 9 RAM Hidrostatic Floor Borer with RAM.

1999 100-ton Rotary Table.

2000 New design MX 7/MX7RAM Floor type Boring Milling Centre.

2002 Construction and Relocation to new facilities 10,000 m2.

2006 TX Multipurpose Boring-machining centre with palets, pick-up and 5 different heads,

2009 New Turning-Milling Centre

2014 New large series MP10RAM Hidrostatic boring mills Y=8000  with Tilting rotary table

Machining centers